Carin began a series of Carin Jayne Casey Children’s Books, all are fun stories designed to entertain and encourage a child’s sense of kindness, courtesy, positive attitude, and adventure.

Carin Jayne Casey Children's Books
Tabby and Friends Help

Tabby and Friends Help by Carin Jayne Casey

Tabby the orange-yellow striped kitten has a best friend who has lost a precious bauble and she is determined to help find it. Tabby initiates the help of friends while she persistently explores every possibility.

What will Tabby discover during her search? Will her efforts ultimately bring about success in finding the lost bauble?

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Taffy Is Lost! by Carin Jayne Casey

Young Taffy the giraffe grapples with the unknown in a vast jungle following a brief distraction that causes a separation from her mother.

Along this potentially scary journey, will Taffy receive help from unlikely sources? Will Taffy be rejoined with her loving mother?

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A Day with Farmer John

A Day with Farmer John by Carin Jayne Casey

Farmer John’s day on the farm is busy as he interacts with the animals and performs his chores.
Is Farmer John alone in the tasks to be done or is he part of a team?

How does this family manage to maintain positive energy all day while getting numerous chores accomplished?

What is it that causes Farmer John and the rest of his family to work so well together?
Will he share family secrets to answer these questions?

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