Book Reviews on ``A New Song Rises Up!``

Yolanda Gray

In A New Song Rises Up! Sharing Struggles Toward Salvation

Carin Jayne Casey shares the struggles we encounter as humans living with the Spirit of Christ. As in her book, My Dear Rosa Jean, Carin shares a powerful testimony from victim to victor.

When you read her story, you will be amazed but, most importantly, encouraged and inspired to continue fighting the evil meant for us. She does this honestly, with no self-pity. Nothing gets in the way of Carin sharing what God saved her from. And, what He saved her for.

This book will walk you through the challenges we all face as Christians in our every day walking out of salvation. She takes you through what commonly trips us up from victory and shares how to get free for the new life promised in Christ.

Carin is on a bold mission to share the Gospel, especially for women who suffer at the hands of domestic violence. She shares from true-life experience and the hope of the new song that rises in all of us as we leave the shackles of despair into the light of power and grace.

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Book Reviews on ``My Dear Rosa Jean``

Angela Brown

Carin Jayne Casey’s heroine in My Dear Rosa Jean is a mature woman trying to understand her emotionally-charged past. Rosa Jean narrates her family history in the Prologue, and from that point we are hooked. The concise, no-nonsense prose tells us that the narrator is not a pitiful victim, but an intelligent woman on a quest with no time for wallowing in self-pity.

The author set out to write an entertaining novel that would help “anyone who may have suffered from child abuse or domestic violence, whether directly or indirectly.” She has succeeded. The narrator’s Aunt Grace is her sounding board. The grace with which she receives her niece’s story, much of which she was unaware of, is the reader’s role model for how to be a helpful friend to one “going through.”

As the story unfolds, we also see the pivotal role that an employer, an attorney, and even bystanders can play in recognizing abuse and supporting the victim in that moment.

The only thing I would add to this novel is an index for easy reference to key concepts. My list includes: child abuse, co-dependency, controlling techniques, escalating abuse, financial abuse, the Hook, legal difficulties, manipulation, parental abuse, pity parties, PTSD, why women don’t fight back, why women return, why women stay, and workplace support.

Carin Jayne Casey is a DV advocate whose mantra is “Awareness. Compassion. Recovery. Peace.” It is not surprising that she has written a novel which advocates can use for public awareness, and also as a tool for those in bondage or in recovery.

Angela Brown

Founder of Yeshua’s House


Carin Jayne Casey

By Loretta Thompson

The book was an amazing read and very well written capturing my full attention from the first page. The beginning was detailed and intriguing to leave you with that thought “How can this be happening and what will the next chapter reveal?” It progressed with such intensity that it took my breath away as to how someone could not only endure these events but how they could even survive. The story was deeply emotional and carried me through with a clear written picture of what Rosa Jean experienced both physically and emotionally. A vivid account that left me thankful and humbled to the Grace and Mercy of God who not only is with us, but carries us through all situations. I have shared the book with others and pray it will impact them the same as myself.
Carin Jayne Casey

By Vivian Woo

I was really touched by Carin Casey’s ‘My Dear Rosa Jean’, but at the same time, I was extremely angry. I was feeling sorry for Rosa Jean’s experience and her abusive relationship with her abuser; I was angry because I had no idea people could be so cruel toward one and other as a human being. I am very proud of Carin Casey’s courage to disclose her story with others and hopefully her story would help others to speak up and walk away from the cruelty situation they encounter.

Best of luck!

Carin Jayne Casey

By Lorraine Wilson

I really enjoyed reading “My Dear Rosa Jean” . It has enough action to keep you turning the pages to see what happens next. It is heart breaking to think that someone who says they love you so much can be so cruel. This book may be fiction but I’m sure there are too many women living this kind of nightmare. Carin Casey does a fantastic job of bringing light to this horrible lifestyle too many are living in today. I also read “Granny baby sits…. ” & enjoyed it also. I can relate since I have 5 grandkids myself. Excellent job Carin!

Book Reviews on ``Mystery at Candice Bay``

Carin Jayne Casey

By Bettie D. Dickenson

I want you to know I am so proud of your writing skills. Your sentence structure is good and the vocabulary fitted the age group in the story. You hold the interest of the reader, it’s a clean story, and I predict your readers will be looking for more books from you.

With much love…

Carin Jayne Casey

By “Gail”

I enjoyed the book, Mystery at Candice Bay. I have to admit, when Janie & Jake started getting together, I jumped ahead to the end of the book to see if he was guilty in any way. It didn’t ruin the story for me because I still needed to read the 50 some pages in-between. I’ve enjoyed all you’ve written… they’ve all been interesting.
Carin Jayne Casey

By Christina Buckalew

I really enjoyed reading “Mystery at Candice Bay.” I felt it kept me in suspense throughout the book. About the time I felt I knew who committed the crime things changed. It was interesting and I felt the author did a great job. It is a good book for teens to read and understand who to be able to trust and who to be on guard with.