My Dear Rosa Jean by Carin Jayne Casey

My Dear Rosa Jean
By Carin Jayne Casey

Rosa Jean wondered if she could ever recover from her life of domestic violence…

In a beautiful Shenandoah Valley suburb of Virginia, Rosa Jean grapples with a marriage filled with domestic violence, compounded by the abuse she suffered as a child. Her kind Aunt Grace patiently listens to Rosa Jean’s story, and together they struggle for her survival, spiritual growth, and recovery.

Indeed, from Rosa Jean’s meager beginnings, her foundation had been shaken to the core. She was slammed down, shattered, and discarded, as if into a pit. Even significant pieces of her life were ripped away from her. But she lived.

What can bring her to her feet?

Is it possible for her to thrive and to eventually overcome?

How can this happen?

STAND With Your Armor On

With Your Armor On
Anthology of Daily Conflicts
By Carin Jayne Casey

What can you do when the world hurls chaos, suffering, violence, and insurmountable hardship into your life? Does it seem that you’re involved within a spiritual battle that you cannot escape?
Is there any way to prevent the devastation it presents?
Is there hope for overcoming the challenges you face?
Is there a spiritual power you can turn to for help?

Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.
Ephesians 6:13 NIV (New International Version)

When you believe in the Lord and accept this scripture as the answer you can stand victoriously through any evil attack. You may ask,

“But Lord, what is this armor? How can I put it on?
What would wearing my armor look like in today’s world?”

Casey’s desire is to influence, encourage, and affect positive change with readers who are questioning how to handle constant battles faced throughout life. She points to the love, healing, justice, and mercy of the living God through relatable topics that are of concern to the masses today, plausible choices held before each person, and the gambit of potential consequences or rewards to reap.

JOY in the Valley: Finding Treasures Through Trials

JOY in the Valley: Finding Treasures Through Trials
By Carin Jayne Casey

Is it possible for a person to find joy while in the throes of tremendous suffering?

After a series of incidents, Casey suddenly finds herself in debilitating nerve pain that intermittently lasts long-term. It seems she walks through a valley of both despair and joy, as she experiences both healing and relapse.

Discovering she is not stagnant in a dark pit, but merely a traveler along her hope and faith journey, filled with mysteries and hidden treasures, she learns valuable insights which she’s eager to share.

A New Song Rises Up!

A New Song Rises Up!
Sharing Struggles Toward Salvation
By Carin Jayne Casey

If God loves us, why does abuse still happen in the world? With gratitude to the Lord for His deliverance, Carin Jayne Casey is motivated to share evil and scary moments along her journey. A survivor of domestic violence, Carin reveals details about her life as a cautionary tale, with valuable lessons learned.

Through sharing her words and the words of the Lord, Carin’s desire is to influence, encourage, and affect positive change with readers who are questioning why they have been subject to abuse. She points to the love, healing, and justice of the living God through true and harrowing tales of survival. Ultimately it is a sweet song of salvation!

Can we find victory, despite the darkness?
Are we alone?
Where can we find hope?

Yes, we each can gain tools to conquer the demons that hold us back.
When we turn to God, we are not alone!
Instead, we are empowered toward victory!
What does the Lord say?
Honor Me by trusting in Me in your day of trouble.
Cry aloud to Me, and I will be there to rescue you.

Psalm 50:15 TPT
(emphasis added)

Your enemies may hate you. Your loved ones may reject you.
But the Lord sees you as His precious treasure, His work of art!

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Mystery at Candice Bay by Carin Jayne Casey

Mystery at Candice Bay
By Carin Jayne Casey

The Small Community of Candice Bay Thought They Were Safe

In the seemingly peaceful suburban community of Candice Bay, teenagers Casey and Janie are caught up in a series of mysterious events, beginning with the sudden disappearance of their friend and classmate.

As the teens grapple with rumors and fears, situations escalate into crimes and violence and they struggle for inner strength and spiritual growth. They don’t understand why bad things can happen, but they know God is with them, and He will bring them through it.

Can protective parents and friends shield these teens from evil? Who is the culprit, and will he be caught? How will these teens recover from such violence in their small town?

Available in Paperback & Kindle

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