Tragedy & Forgiveness

Airing May 29, 2017 Tragedy & Forgiveness

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In “Turn to God with Carin,” Carin Jayne Casey reveals a portion of her personal testimony that is generally not shared. Why tell it?

  1. So others who are in domestic violence or have gotten out, but are still stuck in it emotionally can see hope through the Grace of God in  how Casey’s journey brought recovery
  2. So those who have no idea about domestic violence can better understand the dynamics of it and see ways they can help, show their compassion, and have empathy; and,
  3. To encourage folks to Turn to God for their salvation, and in their Christian Walk realize a change in their old mindset from the unloved victim to a loved Child of God.

Casey, the oldest of 6 children, had a childhood filled with abuse and dysfunction in her home. The older kids watched out for the younger ones. When she became a teenager, it was apparent that her mother was mentally ill.

It was in these conditions that her youngest brother was born. Although the family tried to watch out for her brother, one rainy evening the mother was able to slip out of the house with the baby unnoticed. The entire town searched frantically for them. Casey’s brother was only 6 weeks old.

The next morning, mother and son were found. She was dead, but he lived. Without the benefit of an investigation, the circumstances surrounding this tragedy remain uncertain.

He was severely handicapped, and remained a baby for all of his life – thirty years, until he died of pneumonia.

Everyone in the family, in the town – everyone who knew or suspected the mother’s mental illness – were filled with great remorse, sorrow, guilt and shame. Because everyone knew something bad could happen to Casey’s baby brother so long as the mother had access to him. Casey, at 16 years old, had layers of guilt as result of this tragedy.

During her baby brother’s life, he was happy in “his” world. When he came closer to his end, his seizures became more painful, so the family could see God’s mercy in his passing.

Because this is the only way it made any sense, the family knew this: our time on earth is temporary. God knows what eternity is like – what their baby brother suffered was only for a moment in time (a blink) compared to eternity. And, he was always an angel, on earth, and now in heaven.


Casey overcame her abusive life, and is now filled with daily gratitude and praise to the Lord, thankful that God has forgiven her many sins. Casey may still have some rocky times because life on earth is not perfect, but she enjoys her Christian Walk, covered by the blood of Jesus. She invites others to Turn to God for their Salvation, quoting John 3:16.


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