The Lost Necklace


Three little kittens were charged by their friend, Christina, to find a lost necklace. But it wasn’t just any necklace. Christina and her daddy had specifically picked it out at a jewelry store, for a special occasion…

Christina pulled her thumb out of her mouth and fluffed her hair from her face. She carefully described the lost necklace to her furry friends, “It’s a silver chain, with a beautiful blue-crystal bobble on it.”

“Oh, we can easily find that,” announced Tabby, the yellow and white stripped kitten. Calico and Black Beauty quickly agreed, “Meow, Meow!”

They immediately began their search.

Black Beauty pranced around the yard, asking Blue Bird, Lady Bug, and Mr. Squirrel if they’d seen this lovely necklace.

Blue Bird spread her wings, admiring her feathers, “I would’ve noticed the blue bobble. After all, blue is my favorite color!”

Lady Bug explained that she was too busy to stay and chat, but quickly answered, “I was with members of our Lady Bug Yard Club just five minutes ago. If anyone had noticed this shiny necklace, they would’ve mentioned it in our meeting.” She continued on her way through the thick grass.

Mr. Squirrel laughed, “if there was a necklace anywhere nearby, I would already have it in my stash at the tree trunk.”

When Mr. Squirrel said he hadn’t seen it, Black Beauty knew it couldn’t be in the yard, because nothing could get past Mr. Squirrel. Considering her efforts completed, Black Beauty hopped onto her favorite chair beside a weeping willow tree, snuggled into the soft cushion, rolled onto her back, and began basking in the sunlight.

Calico was concerned too, but she had to first eat her delicious tuna lunch. “Burp!” Opps, there went another fur-ball. That made her thirsty, so she drank some water from her tray. Calico carefully licked her coat clean. “Ah,” she said, “I have plenty of time to look for this necklace. Later,” and she began to manicure her nails.

Tabby was the energetic one, searching dresser tops, open drawers, baskets, and counter tops. Exhausted, she lay on the floor to think of where else she could look. To her surprise, there it was, something shiny under Christina’s bed. “I think I found it,” she said softly, investigating the shiny thing.

“I found it!” Tabby yelled. Christina, Black Beauty, and Calico all ran to see what Tabby had found.

“Oh my,” said Calico, “it really is quite beautiful!” she tapped the bobble with her paw.

Black Beauty agreed with Calico, and said, “Look Christina, we found your necklace.”

Christina said, “Oh thank you! Thank you all!” She hugged each of the kittens and clapped her hands with glee, “Now I can put it in my pretty box and wrap it for my mommy!”

“Can we help you?” Tabby asked, while the other two kittens eagerly awaited Christina’s response.

“Oh Yes!” Christina opened her dresser drawer and pulled out paper that was sparkling pink. “Here’s the wrapping paper.”

Christina wrapped her gift while her furry friends played with each other on the sparkling pink paper. “Meow, Meow!”

“There.” Christina said, looking at her finished present, “I hope my mommy has a very Happy Mother’s Day!”

Carin Jayne Casey


Awareness. Compassion. Recovery. Peace.

The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. {Psalms 34:18 NIV}

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