The Lord’s Invitation Awaits


In “Turn to God with Carin,” Carin Jayne Casey shares her personal testimony of when she first became a believer. Circumstances she wasn’t even fully aware of brought her to a little rural ‘hell, fire and damnation’ church with her sister, both young adults in West Virginia. Emotions overwhelmed her at the church’s invitation with the congregation singing her (deceased) mother’s favorite song.

Casey revisited her life of child abuse, dysfunction, and violence. The devil and Jesus fought for her soul with very pointed arguments. Ultimately, thankfully, Casey chose Jesus, and her life was forever changed. It was February, 1975, when Casey first became a believer.

No, she didn’t suddenly enjoy a heavenly life on earth following that defining moment, and she didn’t suddenly become a perfect angel. She continued her journey here on earth, with all the twists and turns that entails. AND – She had begun her Christian Walk, as a believer.

Casey provides scriptures for listeners to study on their own, and recites a version of The Sinner’s Prayer in hopes that others will respond to the Lord’s invitation.

Contact information was given for donations to, and the National Domestic Violence Hotline number was provided. Listen to her podcast and be inspired.

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Carin Jayne Casey
Author-Speaker-Domestic Violence Advocate-Ambassador for Christ
“Turn to God with Carin” – Mondays 6:30 am (download anytime).
April 2017 Coming Soon! Podcast: “Abundant Living with Carin”