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Let’s Partner Together on This!

To those who have already joined me on my podcasts, thank you! For those who have not had an opportunity to tune in, I would love to have you soon. This has been such a fulfilling and inspiring journey for me as God has opened doors of opportunity for me to speak and for others… Read more »

The Lost Necklace

Three little kittens were charged by their friend, Christina, to find a lost necklace. But it wasn’t just any necklace. Christina and her daddy had specifically picked it out at a jewelry store, for a special occasion… Christina pulled her thumb out of her mouth and fluffed her hair from her face. She carefully described… Read more »

SCARS Making a Difference

I’m very happy to be a part of this wonderful organization. S.C.A.R.S. – Second Chance At Renewing Self, LLC – is an outstanding organization. It is a for-profit social enterprise, founded by Sonja Holt in 2013. Sonja overcame domestic violence and wanted to help others who face the challenges of domestic violence too. We focus on… Read more »

Controversy over Appropriate Child Discipline

Fifty years ago, parenting may have involved a form of corporal punishment. Thank goodness we’ve moved on from that. Yes, the Bible says to spare the rod and spoil the child. But unfortunately it was found that too often parents didn’t realize how rough they were or there would be a struggle, causing the child… Read more »

Sharing A Family Secret

Grandfather was a tiny, ornery old man, who loved to pull tricks on others. A shoemaker by trade, he had a modest little shop in a small Irish settlement named Cahir. He often spent time during wee hours of the night carousing, drinking, and sharing tales at the local pubs. It wouldn‘t take much to… Read more »

The “Winter Blues”

  I’m sooo ready for the spring to come! How about you? It seems like every day I hear someone complaining about the cold winter weather, and how they hate the early evening darkness. We don’t get to have much fun outdoors, the roads are messy for driving, and the excitement of the holidays are… Read more »

What’s Your favorite?

It could simply be a favorite word, a movie, song, or an influential mentor My favorite word: According to some website definitions, Kaizen is Sino-Japanese meaning ‘good change’ when the focus (of a business organization) is on continuous improvement. I secretly named myself this after I had survived a traumatic domestic violence relationship. As part… Read more »

Significant New Year’s Resolutions

Many of us love to make resolutions for the New Year, usually with great self-improvement plans, some such plans being much more significant than others. Over time, we each learn that if we really want to keep our resolutions, and see success in our plans and goals, we need to be realistic and apply moderation… Read more »

Santa’s Helpers

“Granny Babysits the Mischievous Five” by Carin Jayne Casey An excerpt from Chapter 4 – The Winter Holidays Granny said… “I want you to be Santa’s Helper. How about that?” The children eagerly agreed. “But, there’s one rule you must follow…” “What?” asked Casey. “Yeah,” said Joey, “What do we have to do?” “Well, everyone… Read more »

Join Us: 1st Holiday Home and Craft Show

I’m excited to participate in the upcoming Gabriel Pearce Memorial Scholarship Holiday Craft and Home Show to be held on November 22, 2014 at Berea Baptist Church. The church is located at 15421 Pouncey Tract Road in Rockville, Virginia. Please mark your calendars now and come out for a wonderful time with local vendors, artisans,… Read more »