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Extreme Makeover Event

This event copied the annual New York City Urban Ministries (NYCUM) Extreme Makeover that happens in May each year, involving several U.S. church volunteers serving huge women’s shelters in the NYC area. I was fortunate to be a volunteer last year, and plan to go again this year. What a blessing it is! On January… Read more »

My New Year’s Resolution

  You may have noticed that in my previous New Year’s Resolution blog, I had mentioned allowing myself until January 5th to decide what resolution I may have other than the typical goals, including a smoke-free life. What is my added resolution? After careful consideration, the decision was obvious: Weight loss, of course! Before getting… Read more »

Significant New Year’s Resolutions

Many of us love to make resolutions for the New Year, usually with great self-improvement plans, some such plans being much more significant than others. Over time, we each learn that if we really want to keep our resolutions, and see success in our plans and goals, we need to be realistic and apply moderation… Read more »

Santa’s Helpers

“Granny Babysits the Mischievous Five” by Carin Jayne Casey An excerpt from Chapter 4 – The Winter Holidays Granny said… “I want you to be Santa’s Helper. How about that?” The children eagerly agreed. “But, there’s one rule you must follow…” “What?” asked Casey. “Yeah,” said Joey, “What do we have to do?” “Well, everyone… Read more »

Winter Holidays

“Granny Babysits the Mischievous Five” by Carin Jayne Casey An exert from Chapter 4 – The Winter Holidays   Granny said, “… I want us to practice how to OPEN presents on Christmas.” Joey laughed, “Oh yeah, like we don’t know how!” The others laughed. “Oh really?” Granny asked, “Let me give you an example.”… Read more »

A Christmas Memory

A short story that could’ve been in “My Dear Rosa Jean” by Carin Jayne Casey While leaning her elbow on the arm of sofa, Aunt Grace propped her hand under her chin, “So you and your siblings were used to having Christmas in your earlier years, with the tree decorations, gifts, and all. How old… Read more »

A Thanksgiving Memory

A short story that could’ve been in “My Dear Rosa Jean” by Carin Jayne Casey While Rosa Jean and Aunt Grace sat at the kitchen table, sipping their coffee and nibbling their Danish rolls, they watched through the bay window as the wind whip the remaining leaves off the Oak tree in the back yard…. Read more »

How to Prevent Bullying

“What’s going on with you, son?” “You used to love going to school, and you had good grades, too.” “What’s changed?” “I just don’t understand what your problem is!” “Why can’t you talk to me about it?” According to the American Psychological Association (, bullying is a form of aggressive behavior in which someone intentionally… Read more »

Join Us: 1st Holiday Home and Craft Show

I’m excited to participate in the upcoming Gabriel Pearce Memorial Scholarship Holiday Craft and Home Show to be held on November 22, 2014 at Berea Baptist Church. The church is located at 15421 Pouncey Tract Road in Rockville, Virginia. Please mark your calendars now and come out for a wonderful time with local vendors, artisans,… Read more »

About Forgiveness…

“It’s been months since he abused me, and I’m still angry! I can’t sleep at night – I can’t stop thinking about how horrible and evil he is! I think about what I should’ve said or done, and about how stupid I was. I plan ways I could get even with him. It’s eating me… Read more »