I’m having an amazing journey!

After struggling, with much frustration most of last year – because my back was not receiving needed results from physical therapy, chiropractic, massage & other efforts – my doctor ordered an MRI.

Oh no! MRI results revealed surgery was without doubt in my future, no real choice about it… Jesus gave me courage and strength!

Having tremendous faith in my Heavenly Father, and faith that He so gifted my wonderful neurosurgeon and medical staff, I braved major back surgery before the Christmas holiday season. My church, family, and friends all sent up consistent prayers.

As a domestic violence survivor, I can visualize: my past inner wounds were literally scraped from the bone, cleansing me; my weaker inner parts were reinforced so I can remain standing.

Surgery, as complicated as it was, appears to have been a complete success! Nothing less than a miracle! Thank you Jesus!

I’m forever thankful and amazed at the gifts surgeons receive – directly from God – to perform such intricate work.

I’m a titanium woman!

Post-op: I was out of the hospital within a weeks’ time. Usually excessively busy, suddenly home bound required patience I didn’t think I had. My In-home therapists were consistently kind and helpful as I slowly progressed from bed ridden to using a walker, and then to the use of a cane; from downstairs hospital bed to walking upstairs, to sleeping again in our bedroom. All the while my body’s nerves fussed with aches and pains, and sometimes sudden lightning sparks rushing through my veins – as healing happened.

Before, during, and after my medical down-period, the enemy tempted and used someone to try to harm me personally. Being under attack while you’re down or distracted is real! It happens in life. What can we do? Rely on God, follow His lead, and guard your heart. My brace reminds me of our instruction to wear the full armor of God, including the ‘breastplate of righteousness’ as described in Ephesians. My healing process and renewed faith continue.

I feel extreme gratitude that God would heal me; that my husband patiently and cheerfully assisted and encouraged me; and that my circle of family, friends, and co-workers encouraged me with prayers, gifts, calls, cards, and visits. I am loved!
Great scripture readings include: Jeremiah 17:14; Psalms 30:2; Mark 5:34; Psalms 103:2-4; Psalms 41:2-3; Psalms 147:3 and many others… Blessings to you!

Carin Jayne Casey