Something Great


This excerpt could’ve been included in “Mystery at Candice Bay” by Carin Jayne Casey…

Granny and Poppy slowly made their way to the first two rows in a section of the auditorium where Belinda and the family were sitting. This was an excellent location to take photos of Casey as she receives her diploma.

Granny hugged Belinda before sitting beside her, “Time has flown by. Now she’s all grown up, and already a medical assistant. In two more years, an LPN!”

Belinda smiled at her mother, handing her a tissue, “I know, it’s all so fast! Mom, please don’t get me started.” Tears slipped down her cheek while the seniors entered the room to be seated.

“I see Casey!” Bret yelled, clapping his hands. Several people in the rows nearby shushed him to be quiet. He glanced at them with a mischievous smile.

Casey’s classmate’s names were being called. The family shouted with joy for Casey’s friends, Jake and Janie as they received their diplomas. Belinda joined their parents standing in the aisle taking photos.

Marsha, Mark’s girlfriend for over a year now, yelled, “We love you Casey!” while Casey received her diploma.  Casey’s friends and family joined in with loving shouts. Casey smiled at her family just in time for Granny to snap a photo of her.

As Granny started to sit, she noticed Mark and Marsha sharing a special moment while they held hands. Mark gave Marsha a gentle kiss on the hand. “Such a cute couple. They even seem to be glowing,” Granny whispered to Poppy.

Granny patted Belinda’s shoulder, “There’s nothing better on earth than spending time with my precious grandchildren.” They both sighed.

Mark reached his hand onto Granny’s shoulder from the seat behind, “Well, Granny, there may not be anything better than your grandchildren. But maybe there can be something… great?”

Granny smiled at Mark, “Oh you, go on.”

Puzzled by Mark’s statement, Poppy asked Granny, “What’s he talking about?”

Granny shrugged, and asked Belinda, “Do you know? Sometimes I just don’t understand our young ones.”

Belinda sheepishly shrugged her shoulders and slowly turned around to face Mark and Marsha. “Um, Mom. I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you. We have a lot of things to celebrate…”

Still perplexed, Granny gazed toward the crowd of seniors and teachers leaving the stage area. She turned toward Mark and shouted, “Oh my Goodness!”