Senseless Tragedy


I’ve been greatly saddened in reading the recent Richmond Times-Dispatch stories about Stafford L. Shaw Sr., who killed his girlfriend and baby, then while trying to escape the police on I-295, hit another vehicle and ultimately caused two more fatalities before his own death.

Shaw had been implicated in murder of a young pregnant woman in 1989, but was found not-guilty. Shaw had ample opportunity once freed to turn his live around, but chose not to. Until his death he lived a double-life, having a wife and three children in one neighborhood, and his girlfriend in another. in February, Shaw had choked and beaten his girlfriend, and was convicted – that was another opportunity for him to re-evaluate his path, and to turn his life around. I understand that he was still serving his sentence when he killed her.

We just don’t know how many times we each will have the opportunity to change our ways before it is too late. We are not the masters of our own fate. We don’t even have control over our next breath. I’m so sorry Shaw found it necessary to cause so much pain and sorrow to those who knew and loved him, and even to strangers.

I’d like to offer my condolences to all of the families affected by this, and my prayers go out to them for comfort, peace, and healing.