Prayers Answered: A Miracle

“Abundant Living with Carin”

Segment Airing April 17,2017 Judi Moore’s Story

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In “Abundant Living with Carin,” Carin Jayne Casey introduces Judi Moore, a health coach. Judi shares a very difficult and challenging story, a journey of God’s faithfulness. Judi and her husband, George, were in their forties. She was a swim coach and he was a tri-athlete – in the best shape of his life. They maintained a healthy diet, including supplements.

Suddenly, George had symptoms of appendicitis. But the doctors found something much worse. He had a rare form of cancer that affects only one in a million people, that had no treatment. This launched them on their quest to save his life.

After praying, interviewing several doctors, and researching, they turned to alternative medicine and chose a doctor. Prior and during George’s extensive surgery, prayers went up for him, especially for his small intestines, because of the need for his immune system. His surgery entailed scrapping the deadly mucin from his organs, and removal of five organs (the stomach, large intestine, amentia, spleen, and gallbladder), followed by hours of heated chemotherapy.

George survived the surgery. Two weeks later, he was fed spaghetti for dinner, harmful -inflammatory, acidic – to his raw organs. He threw up for 24 hours. Through a CT-scan, air was found in his small intestines – a deadly prognosis.

A prayer chain was in place, praying for God’s hand to do great and mighty things, especially to spare George’s small intestines. They knew if God didn’t move his hand, George would die. They prayed for Ephesians 1 power, like raising Lazarus from the dead. Judi believed God, above all (even the doctors), and believed the scriptures and claimed them. Judi learned to “be bold,” which started with finding a doctor.

A Miracle!

Prayers were answered!

There was no air in the small intestines, and they only needed to treat inflammation around the organs. An intern with plans to go into the mission- field shared that there were three Christians on the surgical team, all praying specific prayers for George, that God would move his hand to spare his small intestines.

George had gone from 175 pounds to 119 pounds in six weeks! He had months of recovery before him, including TPN (total parenteral nutrition), port feeding. And, Judi began feeding him the supplements they had begun before this tragedy. She checked daily for a year, and confirmed the supplement was being absorbed. George’s blood work was impeccable, while missing five organs, and doing well. Their dietician confirmed they were using one of the best supplements on the market, USANA.

It’s been ten years since cancer was discovered in George’s body. Judi emphasized the three things she learned:

  1. have an active prayer chain
  2. believe God – each person is healed differently, and
  3. be Bold with what God has laid in your path

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