Our Children Didn’t Kill Anyone, BUT They Were Convicted of Felony Murder!


It’s rare for a child, teenager, or young adult to be aware of uncommon laws. Yes, they probably know they will be punished if they steal from a convenience store, drink and drive or cause bodily harm to someone. But would they know they could be convicted for felony murder even if they didn’t kill someone?

Such is the case in Indianapolis and four juveniles…

These juveniles and another juvenile decided to rob a home for cash. After checking out a few houses, they found one that normally had a vehicle in the driveway, and the owner didn’t answer the door. They assumed no one was home, and they had no weapons.

The homeowner heard the intruders, and shot two of them.

One of the juveniles died.

Felony murder was charged although these young men didn’t actually kill anyone because their actions created a risk for someone to get killed. They faced “unintended consequences” because burglary is considered “an inherently dangerous act.” 

Guilty, these young men will each serve 50 to 55 years, with 5 to 10 years suspended.

Does the sentence seem to match the crime?

Many folks are shocked and confused with such a stiff sentence. After all, they were juveniles with no apparent intent to harm anyone.

They didn’t harm anyone!

Yet, they will essentially spend their lives behind bars.

Laws need to change so crimes better match the punishment.

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