NYSUM Extreme Makeover


You Can Make A Difference!

If you want to help those who have suffered from domestic violence, there’s a wonderful way! Participate in the yearly New York School of Urban Ministry’s  (NYSUM) Extreme Makeover!

If you missed it this year, plan to go 2016!

Or you can otherwise help the effort.

Many churches participate to this worthy cause, and volunteers know they’ve made a real difference in so many women’s lives!

A huge success!

The 2015 NYSUM Extreme Makeover was May 15 -18


A massive number of volunteers were dispatched to various women shelters within the NYC areas. Volunteers gave makeovers to the residents of these shelters. Women were given toiletries, clothes, books, notepads, socks, jewelry, hair care products, makeup, and nail polish. Women were provided individual prayers; manicures; pedicures; hairdo’s; and back, foot, and hand massages. Often, residents had a fashion show afterward.

Several church groups from Virginia served, as did a small group from my church. “My Dear Rosa Jean” by Carin Jayne Casey was distributed to several residents at our assigned shelter, and the women were most appreciative. We helped to give hope as we demonstrated that we care.

Many of us suffered from domestic violence, and are now filled with gratitude for our survival and recovery.

This is a wonderful way to help make a difference in the lives of our sisters!