Mother’s Day Recovery


Many of us had a wonderful Mother’s Day: we received special gifts, some hand-made, from our adoring children to show appreciation, because we suffered the nine months to bring them into the world, and nurtured them the best we could as they grew up. A simple thank you was given to acknowledge the years mothers have happily invested all the good things they could into their precious children, such as hope, faith, love, joy…   

But Mother’s Day was not such a joyful reminder for those of us who continue to struggle with the harsh memories of child abuse throughout our formative years. Memories may be filled with confused images of helpless moments of harsh punishments, hunger, abandonment, and fear.

The cycle doesn’t have to continue!

Domenica Ruta addresses the dilemma, Can Having a Child Help Me Get Over My Abusive Mom? She demonstrates a woman who spent her childhood in abuse can refuse to accept this pattern for her own children, and choose a path of love and nurturing.

In my book “My Dear Rosa Jean”, I address child abuse issues young Rosa Jean faced with her mother. She turned her life around to give the love and adoration she had always craved. As she continued to fulfill all the needs for her children that she herself had been deprived of, she found inner healing.

You can find inner healing too!