Increase Your Awareness


“Oh my God, help me!

“I thought I was safe!”

“But he just called  – he knows where I’ve been, who I’ve been talking to, and he says he has photos of me!”

“How can this be?”

“I was trying to be so careful, now the kids and I are in jeopardy!”

Increase your awareness

Improved cell phone and internet technology can pose greater threats toward domestic violence victims.

I recently found an important article in the Virginia Lawyers Weekly dated 2/16/2015:

“Snooping for digital dirt: Lawyers be wary of divorce clients using smart phone spyware” by Peter Vieth

Essentially, if a woman finds herself in a domestic violence situation, she needs to be very aware of the potential that her abuser can track her every move, her associations, what’s being said, and he could find her – all by her simply using her cell phone!

What can cell phone Spyware and other, more intrusive applications do?

Monitor and record smart phone use in real time; log calls, texts, photos, internet activity, cell location; and pick-up audio from the microphone.

“Cell phone Spyware is a favorite tool of those focused on extreme domination and control of a partner, and the advertising targets those abusers,” said Cindy Southworth, executive vice-president of the National Network to End Domestic Violence. She further advised, “The first advice for purported victims is to ‘trust your instincts’… Don’t use the phone for anything confidential if you suspect it has been compromised by spyware… Cell phones suspected of infection are advised … place the devices in airplane mode or remove the batteries.”

If you find yourself escaping a domestic violence situation, please remember to disable your cell phone if there’s any chance it can be used to harm you.