How can we Help our Community?

If you want to be a part of the efforts to help domestic violence victims get back on their feet, whether by giving of your time/services, financial support or in other ways… you could contact local shelters and havens that may be available in your area.

Yeshua’s House, in Petersburg, Virginia is a faith-based safe haven for women and their children coming from domestic violence and/ or financial circumstances. As a board member since 2015, Casey encourages support for Yeshua’s House. Yeshua’s House offers these women a safe home and various educational and support classes while there. Yeshua’s House is a non-profit and relies upon monetary donations, as well as donated time/services. Whether you have interest in donating, or you are in need of help, please contact Yeshua’s House:
Founder, Angela B. Brown (804) 605-3841
Address: P.O. Box 143; Petersburg, VA 23804