Turn to God with Carin Every Monday

I had recently had a very unpleasant time at a vendor event while trying to sell my books; I was rejected by many as they rushed by me (not a good venue for me). That night, I prayed for God to guide me, open and close doors, because I’m wasting so much time/energy without knowing what direction to proceed. Shortly (days) after that, I was invited to do my own podcasts! Once a week, faith-based, about overcoming domestic violence (my platform). I immediately said YES!

“Turn to God with Carin” is on every Monday at 6:30 am (downloadable anytime).

I’d only done the initial interview by the time we had our retreat to prepare for the podcasts.  Already, I had fear growing in anticipation of the rejection and criticism that would soon follow my ‘stepping out.’  While we addressed fear in our “Brave Love” lessons, I recalled the story in Daniel 3 – the courageous faith of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They refused to worship false gods and proclaimed their God was able to deliver them from the burning fiery furnace… BUT IF NOT – they would still NOT serve or worship false gods. I want to be courageous like them!

I vowed, I will put out my messages as I feel led by the Holy Spirit, and God will protect me from the sting of critics. BUT IF NOT, I will continue serving Him in this way. Thank you Jesus!

I am Carin Jayne Casey: Author, Speaker, Domestic Violence Advocate, and Ambassador of Christ!