Domestic Abuse Beyond the Grave?

An abuser apparently figured out a way to continue abusing or harassing his victim’s family, long after he’d already killed his victim. The abuser and victim were husband and wife. He served time for the crime, but upon his death requested to be buried with his wife.Really? I didn’t realize a man would have rights like a husband after killing his wife. (Original article included here).

Did you?

Perhaps he didn’t know about eternity as Christians do, and imagined he could continue abusing her beyond the grave? Or, maybe he was satisfied knowing he hurt her family one more time?

I believe he may be in for a huge surprise.

I hope and pray that her family can get past this last bad act, and know that she is at peace. I don’t want this to ruin one second of their happy memories of this sweet woman, or being able to enjoy life now.