An Interesting Haven for Women

During this past October I met several outstanding women while participating in various domestic violence awareness events in the central Virginia area. This topic is close to my heart because I’m a survivor of domestic violence, and I’ve written a book that shares a story about a woman’s pathway to survival, spiritual strength, and recovery… Read more »

Jake & Janie

This excerpt could’ve been included in “Mystery at Candice Bay” by Carin Jayne Casey… Jake patiently watched from the other side of the school’s first floor hallway while Janie casually conversed with her friends. “You’re so beautiful,” he mumbled quietly, “and I can hardly wait ‘til we can let the world know we’re in love.”… Read more »

Patience with Imaginative Children

VAAAAARRROOOOMMMM!! “Look Granny, my car’s been smokin’!” Granny examined his car and wondered why it appeared to have white powder on it. She asked, curiously, “What’s this, Bret?” “It’s my SMOKE! Come on, I’ll show you!” This was from a story line in “Granny Babysits the Mischievous Five” by Carin Jayne Casey [page 41 in… Read more »

Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Your point of view affects your life choices We’ve probably all experienced having a friend or loved one who seemed to carry a dark cloud over their head each day of their life. They had experienced some real tragedy, misfortune, and/or health issues to lead them to their daily negative walk. Their life seemed to… Read more »

Where do the Stories Come From?

Readers have asked me where I get the ideas for my stories. Most story lines initially come from personal memories about people, places and/or events. I’ve either experienced these events myself or knew about them during my lifetime. For example, if I write about the first time a friend disappointed me, I’d go back to… Read more »

What’s Your favorite?

It could simply be a favorite word, a movie, song, or an influential mentor My favorite word: According to some website definitions, Kaizen is Sino-Japanese meaning ‘good change’ when the focus (of a business organization) is on continuous improvement. I secretly named myself this after I had survived a traumatic domestic violence relationship. As part… Read more »

Extreme Makeover Event

This event copied the annual New York City Urban Ministries (NYCUM) Extreme Makeover that happens in May each year, involving several U.S. church volunteers serving huge women’s shelters in the NYC area. I was fortunate to be a volunteer last year, and plan to go again this year. What a blessing it is! On January… Read more »

My New Year’s Resolution

  You may have noticed that in my previous New Year’s Resolution blog, I had mentioned allowing myself until January 5th to decide what resolution I may have other than the typical goals, including a smoke-free life. What is my added resolution? After careful consideration, the decision was obvious: Weight loss, of course! Before getting… Read more »

Significant New Year’s Resolutions

Many of us love to make resolutions for the New Year, usually with great self-improvement plans, some such plans being much more significant than others. Over time, we each learn that if we really want to keep our resolutions, and see success in our plans and goals, we need to be realistic and apply moderation… Read more »

Santa’s Helpers

“Granny Babysits the Mischievous Five” by Carin Jayne Casey An excerpt from Chapter 4 – The Winter Holidays Granny said… “I want you to be Santa’s Helper. How about that?” The children eagerly agreed. “But, there’s one rule you must follow…” “What?” asked Casey. “Yeah,” said Joey, “What do we have to do?” “Well, everyone… Read more »