A Need to increase Domestic Violence Awareness

Domestic Violence has many faces. It’s not always the obvious black and blue. It could be happening to your neighbor, a relative, even to a family member. A person physically and/or mentally captive in a toxic relationship may sometimes seem happy to an outsider, but they’re quietly suffering a continuous prisoner’s pain. It was discovered… Read more »

Annual Craft & Vendor Show: May 2nd

Come to the Annual Craft and Vendor Show! May 2, 2015 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm   The Gabriel Pearce Memorial Scholarship Fund Berea Baptist Church 15421 Pouncey Tract Road Rockville, VA 23146 Carin Jayne Casey has Special Package Deals! Special Deals at the May 2nd Annual Craft & Vendor Show! 15% off Each… Read more »

One Heroic Mother In the midst of Domestic Violence

In a perfect world, there would be no domestic violence. In an imperfect world, we hope to be able to avoid our personal domestic violence from affecting our children. But in our world – It can be traumatic for us AND our loved ones. What can we do to protect our children?  In Raleigh, N.C., a young 25-year old… Read more »

Controversy over Appropriate Child Discipline

Fifty years ago, parenting may have involved a form of corporal punishment. Thank goodness we’ve moved on from that. Yes, the Bible says to spare the rod and spoil the child. But unfortunately it was found that too often parents didn’t realize how rough they were or there would be a struggle, causing the child… Read more »

Something Great

This excerpt could’ve been included in “Mystery at Candice Bay” by Carin Jayne Casey… Granny and Poppy slowly made their way to the first two rows in a section of the auditorium where Belinda and the family were sitting. This was an excellent location to take photos of Casey as she receives her diploma. Granny… Read more »

Sharing A Family Secret

Grandfather was a tiny, ornery old man, who loved to pull tricks on others. A shoemaker by trade, he had a modest little shop in a small Irish settlement named Cahir. He often spent time during wee hours of the night carousing, drinking, and sharing tales at the local pubs. It wouldn‘t take much to… Read more »

1st Annual Vendor Show

We’re so excited about this upcoming event and hope you will join us where you’ll enjoy lots of vendors, food, and fun – and it’s all for a GREAT cause. On March 7, 2015 from 10am-3pm, the 1st Annual Vendor Show to benefit Yeshua’s House Too takes place at BizWorks. You’ll find vendors for cosmetics,… Read more »

The “Winter Blues”

  I’m sooo ready for the spring to come! How about you? It seems like every day I hear someone complaining about the cold winter weather, and how they hate the early evening darkness. We don’t get to have much fun outdoors, the roads are messy for driving, and the excitement of the holidays are… Read more »

Increase Your Awareness

“Oh my God, help me! “I thought I was safe!” “But he just called  – he knows where I’ve been, who I’ve been talking to, and he says he has photos of me!” “How can this be?” “I was trying to be so careful, now the kids and I are in jeopardy!” Increase your awareness… Read more »