Senseless Tragedy

  I’ve been greatly saddened in reading the recent Richmond Times-Dispatch stories about Stafford L. Shaw Sr., who killed his girlfriend and baby, then while trying to escape the police on I-295, hit another vehicle and ultimately caused two more fatalities before his own death. Shaw had been implicated in murder of a young pregnant… Read more »

Purple Polish on Your Ring Finger

Many women are wearing purple polish on their ring finger this month. Why? To represent domestic violence awareness. When folks notice the purple, It prompts them to ask. Then they realize the significance of it being on the ring finger! This is a good way to help get domestic violence awareness out! I think I’ll… Read more »

NYSUM Extreme Makeover

You Can Make A Difference! If you want to help those who have suffered from domestic violence, there’s a wonderful way! Participate in the yearly New York School of Urban Ministry’s  (NYSUM) Extreme Makeover! If you missed it this year, plan to go 2016! Or you can otherwise help the effort. Many churches participate to… Read more »

EMT Proposes to Domestic Violence Survivor

In recognition of her work as a dating and domestic violence advocate since her recovery, Melissa Dohme was invited to throw out the first pitch at Monday night’s Tampa Bay Rays baseball game against the New York Yankees. The moment became even more exciting than she had expected when the baseball she was handed read… Read more »

Mother’s Day Recovery

  Many of us had a wonderful Mother’s Day: we received special gifts, some hand-made, from our adoring children to show appreciation, because we suffered the nine months to bring them into the world, and nurtured them the best we could as they grew up. A simple thank you was given to acknowledge the years… Read more »

Just Words….

“I actually wanted him to hit me. That would cross the line and give me the reason I needed to break up with him.” Source: Huffington Post article on domestic violence, May 11, 2015 Domestic violence is often not physical. It can – and often is – ‘words’. As a matter of fact, some women… Read more »

Empower Women!

The semi-annual Gabriel Pearce Memorial Scholarship Fund Craft and Vendor Show was a great success! A variety of vendors sold their wares, and many customers showed up. I understand the turn-out is even better in October, which I plan to attend. I sold my books at special sale prices, as well as several hand-crafted jeweled… Read more »

Endless Hope!

I believe steps toward recovery from domestic violence must include the elements: Have faith in God. Believe for a better life! Be thankful for everything while you build a restored life. 2nd Anniversary of Freedom! We can celebrate together the two-year anniversary of freedom for Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus, and Michelle Knight. You may recall… Read more »

A Need to increase Domestic Violence Awareness

Domestic Violence has many faces. It’s not always the obvious black and blue. It could be happening to your neighbor, a relative, even to a family member. A person physically and/or mentally captive in a toxic relationship may sometimes seem happy to an outsider, but they’re quietly suffering a continuous prisoner’s pain. It was discovered… Read more »

Annual Craft & Vendor Show: May 2nd

Come to the Annual Craft and Vendor Show! May 2, 2015 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm   The Gabriel Pearce Memorial Scholarship Fund Berea Baptist Church 15421 Pouncey Tract Road Rockville, VA 23146 Carin Jayne Casey has Special Package Deals! Special Deals at the May 2nd Annual Craft & Vendor Show! 15% off Each… Read more »