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My Dear Rosa Jean

A compelling drama about a frightening cunning predator in his patient quest to hook, capture and harm his victims. It’s about a woman’s journey through a lifetime of hopelessness and helplessness, and the many paths she finds along the way that are open for her survival, spiritual growth and eventual recovery.

Finally, it’s about society’s perceptions and responses to this on-going social issue.

Granny Babysits The Mischievous Five

Granny loves her five grandchildren and is always eager to babysit them all, her “sweet little angels.” But sometimes Granny gets more than she’s bargained for…
Mark soaks Granny with the garden hose instead of watering the flowers while Bret decides to help, using the contents of the toilet. Later, Mark and Joey show Bret how to become a food scientist with restaurant condiments. Granny’s called to break up a food fight with flying cupcakes during a summer picnic.

For Patient, lighthearted Granny, life with her five grandchildren is always an adventure – and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Mystery at Candice Bay

The Small Community of Candice Bay Thought They Were Safe.

In the seemingly peaceful suburban community of Candice Bay, teenagers Casey and Janie are caught up in a series of mysterious events, beginning with the sudden disappearance of their friend and classmate. As the teens grapple with rumors and fears, situations escalate into crimes and violence and they struggle for inner strength and spiritual growth. They don’t understand why bad things can happen, but they know God is with them, and He will bring them through it.

Can protective parents and friends shield their teens from evil? Who is the culprit, and will he be caught? How will these teens recover from such violence in their small town?

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