Endless Hope!


I believe steps toward recovery from domestic violence must include the elements:

  • Have faith in God. Believe for a better life!
  • Be thankful for everything while you build a restored life.

2nd Anniversary of Freedom!

We can celebrate together the two-year anniversary of freedom for Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus, and Michelle Knight. You may recall they had been held captive for a decade in Cleveland, Ohio. Celebrations for these brave women include a fundraiser by the Metro Health Foundation.

Don’t dwell on the past – move on!

I love Ms. Knight’s message of hope, urging us not to dwell on the past. Unless a person has suffered tremendously in their own past, such as Ms. Knight has, a person who is now suffering may not believe in it. She brings authenticity to the message.

And it’s so true – for any of us to recover from the ugly past, we must be willing to set our hearts and minds on the present, with hope for a happy future. At first it may be a daily struggle to remove ourselves from memories – reliving – the past, but the hard work it requires is well worth the rewards.

“My Dear Rosa Jean” by Carin Jayne Casey is a tool toward recovery as the main character, Rosa Jean describes her struggles and accomplishments while she courageously steps through her journey from a life filled with child abuse and domestic violence toward the happy, fulfilling life she was meant to have.  


Click here for the article about their anniversary celebration and to read more about these brave young women.