Are You Being Stalked?


“That guy’s been following me! Everywhere I go, there he is! I’ve told him to leave me alone, but he won’t stop. Now he’s sending me flowers, saying he can’t wait ‘till we’re together! I’m really getting scared. What can I do?”

“My ex-boyfriend’s been calling me repeatedly at work and at home. Yesterday he called over 20 times! I can’t stand it anymore! He even called my mother, asking where I was, and who I was seeing. I’m always upset and nervous. What can I do?”

  • For a reasonable period of time, has someone been persistently making efforts to reach you?

Maybe at home, your work, through friends or family?

Maybe you received unwanted calls, visits, emails, or social media?

  • Should that person have known they were causing you fear of harm?

Should that person have known their attentions were unwanted?

Did you and/or others tell them to leave you alone?

  • Are you fearful this person may harm you?

According to, Stalking is generally considered to be any unwanted contact between a stalker and his/her victim which directly or indirectly communicates a threat, or places the victim in fear. refers to stalking when a person is repeatedly watching, following or harassing you, making you feel afraid or unsafe. It can be someone you know, from a past relationship, or a stranger.

If the stalker has subjected you to acts of violence or force, you may be in immediate danger – Call 911.

Protective Orders

perspectivesBefore matters get worse, talk with your local law enforcement or your attorney to see what available options you may have.

You may want to consider getting a protective order. There are services that provide free legal information and advice to domestic violence victims. is a resource. Ask about their Domestic Violence Law Project (DVLP).

There is also information available at, about protective orders for an act of violence, force, or threat where the victim has been physical injured or reasonably is afraid of death, sexual assault, or physical injury.

A protective order will require the stalker to stop harming their victim or face legal ramifications; i.e., class 1 misdemeanor or contempt of court, with potential arrest, fine, and jail time. It could rise to a Class 6 felony.

Take control of your life. Be safe!