A Need to increase Domestic Violence Awareness


Domestic Violence has many faces. It’s not always the obvious black and blue. It could be happening to your neighbor, a relative, even to a family member.

A person physically and/or mentally captive in a toxic relationship may sometimes seem happy to an outsider, but they’re quietly suffering a continuous prisoner’s pain.

It was discovered last year in Santa Ana, California that a 31 year old man had kidnapped a 15 year old girl shortly after she arrived from Mexico in 2004. He took her from her family, raped her, assaulted her, threatened to deport her, and kept her mentally captive for a decade.

Did this girl know where she could go or where she could turn for help? No. Her captor even married her and fathered a child with her. Maybe we need more information available to the public about organizations to help with Domestic Violence?

Awareness is critical

Thankfully, this young woman gathered the nerve to report her domestic violence to the Bell Gardens Police. They were able to connect her identity with a ten year old missing-persons report, filed by her mother. Her captor was charged and faces trial.


Not every victim gets out in time.

We need to increase Domestic Violence Awareness

Who could it benefit?

Maybe the stranger down your street, or your cousin,

or maybe even your sister…

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