A Generous and Unexpected Gift!


As a survivor of domestic violence throughout my life, I have faced a variety of emotional and physical challenges. One of them involved my nose. Because of the many nose breaks, one nostril was nearly 100% blocked, and I don’t remember when I may’ve had the sense of smell.

Slightly less than three weeks ago, I finally had (deviated septum) surgery to correct this nasal problem. My sister came in from Indiana to make sure my ice treatments were consistent, especially during the first few days in order to prevent swelling and promote healing. My recovery process continues nicely, and I went back to work last week.

Getting back to my normal routine, today I went to Yoga class during the lunch hour, taking my Peppermint Essential Oil with me. To assist with my breathing, I have always put a few drops on my hands, held my hands close to my face, and inhaled.

But today [November 10th at 12:25 pm] when I inhaled, I experienced an amazing and wonderful surprise – I smelled peppermint!


I was so excited that I kept smelling my hands throughout our class-time. Everyone was happy for me, and enjoyed the Peppermint scent as well.

Can you imagine what fun I’ll have over the holidays! I’ll be experiencing the smells of candle scents, delicious foods – Everything!

What a generous, and unexpected gift this was! I praise you and thank you, my Dear Lord Jesus, for all of your miracles, both big and small!